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Trivia League Scores
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 1 Polar Vortex-80pts Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza-72

 Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza-81pts 

 2 Ocean Avenue-76pts

 Ocean Avenue-70 

 Burt Reynold's Mustache-74pts    
 3 Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza-69pts  Polar Vortex-63 Ocean Avenue-72    
 4 Mommy Cakes-68 Three Little Banshees-57

 Helen Keller's..-64pts 

 5 Burt Reynold's Mustache-60 Burt Reynold's Mustache-56 Hamma Time-55pts    
 6 Jenny & Jett-47 Joe Dog-53The Om-Nom-Nom-ivores-51pts     
 7 Monster Under Your Bed-42 Hamma Time-21 Confucious Reboot-50pts    
 8 Hamma Time-38 Lonely Guy-11 Joe Dog-46pts    
 9 Joe Dog-31 VooDoo-10 Polar Vortex-41pts    
 10 Gretna Peeps-20      
 11 Kevin's Convicts-18      

      ---- GWD 3 (large)                                       





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